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Benjamin Moore, The Making of Century Paints | Behind the Scenes

Known for being innovators in the paint category, Benjamin Moore created CENTURY – the world’s first Soft Touch Matte paint. Years in the making, the paint offers a tactile experience similar to that of a soft leather glove. Designed by designers for designers, with a never-before-seen depth of color and tactile finish, CENTURY brings a new dimension to walls.

To dramatize this effect and bring the paint to life, we produced a full scale, room-sized stop motion film using the actual paint. The film depicts lines of paint coming together on a wall forming a graphic paint roller. We worked with General Population (GenPop) to create it.

In addition, we replicated the paint’s finish with a custom matte ink on print inserts, making the eye-catching graphic of a paint roller, a paint brush, and a paint can pop off the page. These 3 inserts will run in high-end interior design publications.

Martin also designed the packaging. Given CENTURY is made in small batches by master craftsmen, the design has a hand-crafted, authentic nature with exposed aluminum, matte stock label, and a seal with a dab of the real paint.